Our Profile

Indian Allied Health Association(IAHA) is registered in Lucknow under the SR Act 1860, Section 21. The core intent of IAHA is to promote Allied Health Education in the country.

The objective of the Allied Health Vocational Education Program is to ensure that educational opportunities for development of Primary Health Care.

Education Programme

The emphasis of allied health vocational education programme is on developing a cadre of skilled primary health care workers, by turning the unskilled to skilled.

Vocational Courses

Allied Health Vocational courses are generally offered through open /continuing & online distance education mode accredited vocational training canters (VTC).


In VTC, the teacher, i-facilitates in the learning process. ii-provides guidance and counselling iii-monitors and evaluates learning iv-provides feedback and helps the learners to develop the required skills.

Broad Areas

The Allied Health vocational courses of IAHA are offered in range of broad areas such as Primary Health care, Yoga & Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Alternative Therapies etc.