Placement Opportunities: Plentiful opportunities exist for qualified Paramedical staff in various fields including.

  1. Government organizations e.g. National Health programmes.
  2. In State and Centres Directorates of Health Service.
  3. Government / Private Hospitals and Health agencies
  4. Medical / Paramedical Colleges / Institutes.
  5. Diagnostic Laboratories.

Advantage of course

The Allied Health Vocational Courses is to prepare students to contribute to a global society and diverse workforce as productive ,responsible and engaged citizens and as well-educated health care professionals.

  1. Enhances Family's & Society's health.
  2. Can join as a Primary Health Care worker to various Hospital’s & health Centre’s etc.

Features of Our study centers

  1. Theory classes with detail practical.
  2. Saturday – Sunday convenient batches also available.
  3. To enhance the broad view of the students visits to various hospitals & Health Centres

Indian Allied Health Association