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Franchise Invited for CMS ED Course is known as diploma in community Medical Service & essential drugs (CMS & ED). It is a diploma for primary Health Care  by general allopathic medicines which are recommended by world health organization (WHO) for primary health care.

We would also like to join hands with entities or groups developing and running their own training centres in the whole country .

We are offering following courses Under the Vocational Education and Training Programme .

DMLT,CDA,CDH,CMS ED, Physician Assistant , First Aid & Patient Care ,Opthalmic Assistant,Pharmacy Assistant,Anti-Malaria Training,Female Health Worker,Veterinary Science,DNYS,ND,DY,DYTE,DPT,Panchkarma,Ayurvedic General Practices ,Accupressure,Electropathy Science etc.

Individual /Trust/Society/ seeking permission to start institute or information centre should apply in the prescribed application form with all necessary enclosures. Application can be printed from the our website.

Contact for Franchise /Information Centre

+91 8917069999